Wheel of Fortune – Dec 27, 28, 31 – 1979

Here’s a link to the story of how I got on the show:

Day 1 – December 27, 1979

Audio recording only!  (for Day 1)  This was before everybody had video recording devices so in order to get the record of my games as broadcast, I just used a cassette recorder placed in front of the TV.  This was at the barracks at Camp Pendleton, and there were a few other guys there with the time off to watch it as well so we can be heard talking during the show.  Note: The audio quality is not that great.  And there is some colorful language.  We are Marines, after all…

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Audio – Wheel of Fortune Day 1 December 27, 1979 download link

Day 2 – December 28, 1979

Fortunately my uncle Delbert worked at a school which had an industrial-size one inch videotape recorder, and captured the last two shows I was on.  This was the old way Wheel of Fortune worked — you could be on for up to three days in a row if you kept winning, then you had to retire as “Champion”.

Video – Wheel of Fortune Day 2 Dec 28 1979.mp4

Day 3 – December 31, 1979

New Year’s Eve — Even though we taped this early in December, we knew the broadcast dates.  This info helped a little bit in my figuring out what the puzzles were.

Video – Wheel of Fortune Day 3 Dec 31 1979.mp4